Syria protests against U.S.

The World

(What have you been able to piece together about this incident?) Information in Iraq is pretty sparse. Iraqi government officials didn’t know what happened and it took them a while to come up with a statement. But it seemed clear the Americans had not notified the Iraqi government in advance, and we still have no info from the U.S. (Do we even know whether U.S. troops were involved on the ground or was this an air attack?) that’s unconfirmed�in fact we’ve heard reports of both, and it’s hard to tell from this far away. (What was the target?) if it’s a hot pursuit sort of raid, then the target might’ve had to do something with foreign fighters crossing the border into Iraq and fighting the insurgency. But we just don’t know. The Syrian government claims all the people killed were civilians. (So why would the U.S. launch an attack inside Syria now? The border has been used by Iraqi insurgents since 2003.) there’s speculation about this: some analysts say it was a calculated parting shot from the Bush administration; the military on the ground here usually goes after targeted attacks where they have intelligence. There have been cases where Americans have been misinformed. (How is the raid being interpreted in Iraq?) The Iraqi government appears to be downplaying it. This event could complicate the negotiations between the U.S. and Iraq over its status of agreement for forces in Iraq.

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