Syria and the West

The World

It’s been a quick trip for Syria from pariah to potential peace maker. Just a few years ago, Syria was on the axis of evil, and now it’s hosting some of America’s best friends. French foreign policy, President Sarkozy says, consists of trying to make peace and then notes Syria’s warming relations with Lebanon. Not only did Syria gather regional power brokers but the President floated an idea for peace with Israel that could lead to face to face negotiations. The idea is said to expound on what Syria’s President says is the point to which Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights. Israel captured the territory in the 1967 War in annexed it soon after. The last talks over the issue came in 2000. some analysts question whether Syria’s intentions are genuine, but this analyst says that is the case. Many on the streets of Damascus today shared that optimism. French President Sarkozy said he and his Syrian counterpart also talked about other touchy issues, including the subject of the International Court investigating the death of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Most blame Syria for his assassination, though Syria denies involvement.

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