Supreme Court ruling on Guant-namo

The World

Reaction from Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick and positive. The ruling also drew praise from this New York University law professor. He said this was a day of reckoning for the Bush administration. Not so according to Chief Justice Roberts, the main dissenter on the court. President Bush agrees with Roberts. The President says his administration and Congress had crafted appropriate measures for dealing with the detainees. Former Justice Department official says the Court overstepped its bounds and has extended constitutional protections to everyone overseas. John McCain agrees to some extent. What the next step is for the roughly 270 men being held at Guantanamo isn’t clear. This analyst says the detainees and their lawyers aren’t in the clear yet. For one thing the court’s ruling doesn’t address whether the Bush administration has the authority to detain so-called enemy combatants. The analyst says the matter will likely wind up back on Capitol Hill.

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