State of emergency in Bangkok

The World

Thailand’s equivalent of the White House has been full of protesters for the last week, and they’re not leaving until the prime minister does. So far the prime minister hasn’t left, and the police haven’t been able to take back the compound. The mood turned darker when pro-government supporters clashed with protesters outside the compound. Gunshots were fired and at least one person was killed with many more injured. Tuesday, Thailand put its country under emergency rule and told the protesters to leave. The protesters believe they’re trying to save their country from corrupt politicians and that the King is on their side. They also have some military supporters and they’re planning some labor strikes as well. This leader says the presence of so many people in the government compound is a deterrent against military action, and the military is apparently afraid of causing bloodshed. Asked on Tuesday if he was fully behind the prime minister, this army leader didn’t exactly salute. On both sides of Thailand’s political divide, temperatures are rising and the threat of violence hangs in the air. A final solution to the crisis seems far away.

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