A traditional dish from the Isaan region of Thailand served at the Vermont restaurant Saap

Self-taught chef introduces rural Vermonters to traditional Thai cuisine


Americans may recognize Thai food from Bangkok, but this couple opened a restaurant in rural New England to introduce people to a cuisine that’s native to Thailand’s Isaan region.

Abdul Salam Hanafi, a deputy prime minister in the Taliban's interim government, left, speaks with acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Taliban official Amir Khan Muttaqi during talks involving Afghan representatives in Moscow, Russia

Russia hosts multinational talks on Afghanistan

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A caravan of migrants head north towards the US-Mexico border, as they depart from Tapachula, Mexico

Migrants set up camp under Del Rio bridge along US-Mexico border

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Five cows roam in a field with trees in the background and a person walking behind them with a hat and satchel

In Thailand, you could win a free cow with a COVID jab

People spend the first day of the Songkran New Year holidays at Nang Rong beach in Chonburi, Thailand, April 13, 2021.

One Thai island’s bold scheme to bring back tourists

Thai police officers stand among demonstrators during a protest demanding the resignation of Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, in Bangkok, Thailand, July 25, 2020.

Thailand set to legalize LGBTQ unions, a rare step in Asia


It will be the first Southeast Asian nation to do so — just as Thailand was the first major nation in the world to let women vote.

Thai elections

Fearful of losing power, Thailand’s army opts for democracy lite

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Imagine if, in the US, the House of Representatives was elected, but the Senate was entirely chosen by the Pentagon. That crudely approximates what Thailand’s junta has created.

The Wold Boar soccer team and coach are in a Thai hospital after being rescued.

Chided in the West, cave-rescued coach is seen as saintly in Thailand

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He is beloved for relinquishing his meager rations, going hungry so the kids could nourish themselves — and for hugging them close to ward off hypothermia.

Thai tourists from Bangkok take a photo with one of the women at Huai Sua Tao.

Thailand’s ‘long neck villages’ aren’t just controversial tourist attractions — they’re homes and workplaces for refugees


In northwest Thailand, tourists flock to a village where ethnic Kayah women from Myanmar wear coiled brass rings to elongate their necks. Many of these women say it’s a reliable way to make money as undocumented refugees after fleeing conflict and marginalization back home.

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The darker side of Thailand’s sex industry: trafficking underage girls


In Thailand’s underage sex industry, the word “trafficking” as we know it in the West, doesn’t get used much. The phrase “buying and selling” is more common. But however you describe it, the practice of taking underage girls from their homes in the north and forcing them into the sex industry in Chiang Mai (and beyond) hasn’t gone away.