Spanish bank bails out British lender

The World

There’s a kind of military precision to visiting the headquarters of bank Santander, and into this sprawling business park in Madrid which has 6,000 employees and a hotel and a golf course. This analyst says Santander is a phenomenon because it’s moved from being a small bank to a world power. He says they seem to be a well managed bank with a wheeler and dealer at the top, who also likes investing in the U.K. inside company headquarters, this official explains how Santander has kept its head above water during this crisis, and even still posted net profits. When he talks about fancy toxic products, he says his bank has stayed clear of it. the bank wants to be involved in retail financing, and worldwide the bank has got more branches than any other bank. The company has recently moved into Brazil, but has it stepped too far and too fast? Santander’s stock market value has dropped by almost a third in about a year.

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