Russia-Venezuela alliance

The World

At this news conference led by President Chavez, the room is awash with red, and everyone is dressed in military uniform. They signed agreement as diverse as mining, fishing, and ceramics�all using Russian technology and Venezuelan resources and manpower. Chavez embarked on one of his trademark speeches. He evoked images of the Russian Revolution of 1917. but it seems Russia’s Vice Minister would prefer to leave the politics out of it and he says it’s all about investment and business. But of course Venezuela and Russia also have close military ties. Some analysts have said these military ties signal a return to Cold War politics, a claim dismissed by Russia. This Venezuelan journalist, a critic of Venezuela, says these are games of war but Chavez is intending to send a message to the U.S. Chavez has been urging closer ties between the two countries to help bring about a multi-polar world.

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