Russia seeks new pact with West

The World

President Medvedev was scant on details in announcing his plans. But this Russian ambassador says Russia is seeking more inclusion on European security details. He says Russia feels like it’s still treated as a Cold War enemy and that undermines security, and he warns NATO in particular is pushing Russian patience. This ambassador says Russia has lost faith in international security organizations because of issues like the planned missile defense system in Eastern Europe. The ambassador suggests a more strategic plan and posed a number of rhetorical and strategic question. The ambassador is known as a hardline nationalist and aggressive. His approach has some Eastern European countries concerned. This Polish government official says Poland doesn’t want to see NATO weakened. Russia insists its proposal would not dismantle NATO or other international security organizations, but NATO remains skeptical. This NATO leader asks why create another security organization? Still some Russia experts say it wouldn’t be prudent to dismiss these concerns of Russia. This analyst says as Russia has grown richer from its natural resources, its assertiveness has also grown, but that doesn’t have to lead to further tensions, and cites the fact that Russia’s business elite has been pushing the Russian government for better relations with the West. Russia will present the details of its new security plan in late September.

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