Questions about a 1994 bombing in Argentina

The World

Several thousand people showed up last night for this memorial service in Buenos Aires. The service started with the blowing of the Jewish shofar. There have been no arrests and despite investigations, few expect there ever to be anyone brought to justice. The Argentine government blames Iran and Hezbollah for the attacks, a claim backed by the U.S. government and late last year Argentina took its case to Interpol. The director of the Jewish Cultural Center and says Interpol backed Argentina’s efforts to arrest four high ranking officials of Iran and Hezbollah. But there’s virtually no evidence linking Iran or Hezbollah to the bombing, according to this researcher, who says the police investigations were horribly conducted. In a book conducted by independent researchers, they question nearly all the conclusions of the 800-page police report. The researcher says Iran was an easy target. Iran has been vilified in this country, but independent investigations by many sources say this conclusion is not based in fact, and the real culprits might never be known.

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