Buenos Aires

A pink sign in the forefront of a largely female crowd that reads in Spanish "Swiftie No Vota Milei"

In Argentina, ‘Swifties Don’t Vote For Milei’


Just days before the presidential elections in Argentina, Taylor Swift fans wanted to make sure their voices were heard. Pink posters with the caption: “Swifties Don’t Vote for Milei” were spotted all around the country’s biggest stadium, where the pop star recently performed three sold-out concerts. Javier Milei is a far-right libertarian candidate who has proposed radical changes if elected.

In Argentina, annual inflation tops 100%, a 30-year high, with the cost of meat and fruit skyrocketing.

Argentines wage ‘mental war’ against inflation as prices double in a year

An image of male and female legs dancing in the final round of the stage category during the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021. 

Feminist tango collectives take center stage in Argentina

Los Gatos live in concert, 1968. 

How the Beatles inspired a rock revolution in Argentina

A group of women raise their arms and wave green flags

Bill legalizing abortion passed in pope’s native Argentina

Reproductive rights
Demonstrators wave a large rainbow flag outside congress in support of a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage in Buenos Aires. 

Royal Spanish Academy dismisses movement to make Spanish more gender-inclusive


LGBTQ and feminist activists have spearheaded a movement to use the letter “e” to diverge from the binary structure of masculine “o” or feminine “a” in Spanish. But the Royal Spanish Academy, the leading authority on Spanish grammar and vocabulary, has yet to recognize the need for this shift. 

People are shown holding pipes letting off green smoke with the Argentine capital dome in the distance.

Argentina’s lower house approves bill legalizing abortion

Reproductive rights

Lawmakers in Argentina’s lower house on Friday passed a bill that would legalize elective abortions to the 14th week of pregnancy, a proposal from President Alberto Fernández in response to long-sought demands from women’s rights activists in the homeland of Pope Francis.

Argentine soccer superstar Diego Armando Maradona cheers after the Napoli team clinched its first Italian major league title in Naples, Italy, on May 10, 1987.

Remembering Diego Maradona, a leftie on the field — and in politics


While Diego Maradona never ran or held public office, his success on the field, larger-than-life personality and friendships with leftist leaders connected him to political life in Argentina and across Latin America over more than three decades. 

Geneticist Harm van Bakel, right, has been racing to map the new coronavirus at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

Inside the global network of scientists racing to curb the spread of coronavirus


The pandemic’s deadly grip has sparked a global race to understand how the virus is evolving and spreading — and the clues are in its genetic code. A worldwide network of scientists is trying to map and understand the genomic makeup of the new coronavirus in near real time.

Argentina's presidential candidate Alberto Fernández and his running mate former President Cristina Kirchner embrace each other during a closing campaign rally in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Oct. 24, 2019.

Economic crisis unites Argentina’s fractured Peronist movement

Troubles with national debt has sent the country into the arms of the populist group many times before.