Pakistan charity linked to Mumbai attacks

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I’m on a tour of a terrorist based, according to some. This base once had links to the Islamist militant group blamed by India for the Mumbai attacks. But this man who now runs it says those ties have been severed and has brought journalists here to prove it. now it says it’s simply a welfare organization, running schools where the Koran and science is studied. But Indian and America insist it’s a front for the militant group. Any refusal to demands for its closure would raise suspicions that the government is not working hard enough to fight terrorism. The question is whether the Pakistani intelligence and army communities were complicit in the Mumbai atrocities, as many in India suspect. The army is now fighting insurgents on its Afghan border but in the past it used them to fight proxy wars, especially with India. Analysts say it keeps militants in reserve in case it wants to reignite tensions with India over the disputed region of Kashmir. But sponsoring an attack on the magnitude of Mumbai would be completely different, analysts say. Condoleezza Rice appeared to give Pakistan the benefit of the doubt this week. But places like the school remain potential flashpoints. Back with the charity, we’re reminded that the public supports it because of the social services it provides, so the government would need strong evidence to shut it down and India has said it’s not received that strong evidence yet.

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