Kashmiri journalists display laptops and placards during a protest demanding restoration of internet service, in Srinagar, Nov. 12, 2019.

Internet restrictions make it virtually impossible for Kashmiris to get COVID-19 info


While daily life in the US and elsewhere can feel like a deluge of COVID-19 news and updates, most people in Kashmir haven’t been able to access basic information on the internet about how they can protect themselves.

India Citizenship Bill protests

Citizenship law could do ‘irreversible damage’ to India’s secular fabric

People carry Pakistan's and Azad Kashmir's green flags and chant slogans to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir, in Karachi, Pakistan, August 30, 2019.

‘We are preparing to defend ourselves,’ says president of Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir

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A woman in a red pheran stands holding an image of a woman in a red pheran

Finding resistance in fashion, Kashmiri creator turns to the pheran

Conflict & Justice
A Kashmiri woman walks on a deserted road in Srinagar.

One month after crackdown, protests continue in Kashmir

A man in a blue shirt is in focus among a group as he looks at his cellphone.

WhatsApp tipline to fight fake news ‘too little, too late,’ Indian police chief says


Days away from voting booths opening for India’s national elections, fake news has become pervasive and deadly. Whatsapp is trying to combat this with their Checkpoint Tipline.

Trader displays sari with image of modi with his military tanks

As elections loom, India’s Modi vows to end terrorism in Kashmir — with more military force


Ignoring Kashmiri grievances will likely exacerbate extremism in the region.

An Indian soldier stands guard while carrying a riffle with a lot of white smoke billowing behind him.

Kashmir conflict is not just a border dispute between India and Pakistan

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India and Pakistan have been fighting for control over Kashmir, an 86,000-square-mile territory in the Himalayas, for seven decades. But the people of Kashmir have their own political goals too.

People chant slogans as they burn an effigy

Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of elections

India and Pakistan enter into a volatile situation after weeks of increasing tension.

Six of India's Border Security Force soldiers are shown talking along the fenced border in a line.

Pakistan says it shot down Indian jets, carried out air strikes in Kashmir

Pakistan carried out air strikes and shot down two Indian jets on Wednesday, Pakistani officials said, a day after Indian warplanes struck inside Pakistan for the first time since a war in 1971.