Obama foreign policy

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About those anti-Obama emails that falsely accuse Obama of being a radical Islam, Obama referred to those right away with a joke but then said he’d be a true friend of Israel. Obama talked about Israel in a biographical context and he said the independence of Israel was just and necessary. Obama said he wanted to address some mischaracterizations of his views on Iran. Obama mentioned threats against Israel by Iran’s President and Iran’s nuclear program and he said his goal is to eliminate the threat of Iran. Obama suggested he would be willing to use military force against Israel but was more interested in using diplomacy. Obama mentioned McCain and accused him of supporting programs which have made Iran stronger. Obama faces some skepticism from the Jewish community. This Jewish journalism says there’s a hawkish minority among the Jewish community that will remain un-persuaded. In that regard, Obama might’ve received some help from Hillary Clinton today who spoke right after Obama at AIPAC. She accused McCain of supporting a failed policy in Iraq that’s made Israel and the US less safe. Then she vouched for her Democratic rival.

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