MTV’s take on Arab pop

The World

This man is CEO of Arab Media Group, partnered with Viacom, to produce MTV Arabia, says their hip, new office is part of the philosophy behind MTV Arabia. He spent seven years studying and working in the US but doesn’t look very American now. he wears a traditional white robe, head covering, and sandals but he says he’s a product of the type of cross-pollination that he wants MTV to foster. So he has to edit out scenes with nudity, alcohol, or profanity that might offend. Many regular MTV programs are likely to air here, such as The Real World. Right now, the network’s most successful show is an American-esque hip-hop version of �American Idol.� The show hunts for talented rappers across the Arab World. The people at MTV Arabia recognize how good of a show it was. But this official at MTV Arabia says MTV Arabia will not be to challenge the status quo. At this sprawling mall, many people say they haven’t heard of MTV Arabia, but many teenagers have. These 18 year old twins have watched the channel since it went on the air late last year. They say they’re disappointed won’t air artists who challenge the status quo, but they still like it overall.

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