McCain reiterates NAFTA support

The World

McCain spoke in front of a business organization in Ottawa today and talked about the long and close support between the US and Canada, and spoke of his support for NAFTA. McCain’s audience cheered his remarks, but most Canadians don’t favor McCain overwhelmingly. This analyst says Canadians would be following their hearts rather than their wallets by exhibiting such a favor. One of the big stories in Canada has been a leaked memo by Obama’s campaign that his support of NAFTA was just campaign rhetoric. After Obama and the Canadian government denied the story, a Canadian official leaked a memo saying just that. It’s widely believed someone in the office of the Canadian Prime Minister was responsible, so nobody from the Prime Minister’s office was at McCain’s speech today, and it was seen as too risky. Canada’s relationship with the US can sometimes be a touchy subject. Canada listens closely to the US, and Canada depends on the US. in the past few months, the Canadian press has pointed out the US presidential candidates’ connection to Canada.

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