Making ‘Treme’: the new HBO series from David Simon

The World

Fans of David Simon’s “The Wire” are eagerly awaiting the premiere of his latest HBO Series, “Treme.” “Treme” is another city-biopic that chronicles a group of people struggling for survival in a scarred neighborhood. But post-Katrina New Orleans is very different from the Baltimore projects fans of “The Wire” came to know intimately. Treme is a poor neighborhood in New Orleans and we get introduced to it three months after the flood waters have receded.

Actor and New Orleans native, Wendell Pierce, who played “Bunk” in “The Wire,” stars in “Treme.” He says it’s the most cathartic role he has ever played. Pierce plays a trombone player who struggles to make ends meet as he jumps from gig to gig as the city begins its slow recovery.

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