Todd Zwillich

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie’s new novel centers on a billionaire real estate mogul who has ‘Trumpy echoes’


Salman Rushdie stretched the bounds of realism and fantasy in “The Satanic Verses,” but in his latest novel, he’s doing the opposite.

Border wall construction

How Trump’s border wall demands could lead to a government shutdown

Paul Ryan

More than a few conservatives are pushing back against House Republicans’ new health care bill

Global Politics

A couple of answers in our #100Days100Qs to President Donald Trump

Global Politics
US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

In a break with Trump, GOP Senate leader calls for Congressional investigation into Russia’s influence on US elections

Global Politics
A 3-D printed Facebook logo

All this fake news is rotting our brains

Global Politics

Fake news has been the hot topic in the wake of the most recent election. PRI’s Todd Zwillich reflects on his own encounter with a consumer of fake news..

Bernie Sanders holds up his notes

Bernie Sanders influences the Democratic Party platform — with some limits

Global Politics

The Vermont senator successfully moved Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to the left. But when it comes to the party’s official platform, it was only a partial victory for Team Sanders.

US Senator Chris Murphy, center, and Senator Richard Blumenthal, right

Congress shows signs of movement on limited gun restrictions


Proposals in the US House and Senate would enable the government to prohibit people on terrorist watch-lists from buying guns — and they’d also allow for universal background checks.

A watch from Fonderie 47.

How old guns are turned into beautiful new jewelry


An innovative company is trying to recycle old guns into designer watches — and they’re having some success.

A memorial outside the Stonwall Inn.

From Stonewall, love toward Orlando


A vigil outside an iconic place in America’s gay rights movement had extraordinary resonance — and the shiver of history.