Lebanon tensions rise

The World

Near Beirut’s airport was this gathering of mainly young men. in general the men won’t speak to journalists but this man gets a round of applause when he blames the government of Christians and Sunnis for starving the people of Lebanon and adding to the causes of the poor. Dying for the cause isn’t just a slogan�rival factions engaged in fierce gun battles near Beirut’s downtown. Hospitals reported casualties and violence escalated after a speech by Hezbollah’s head. He said whoever declares war against us, whether a brother or father, we have the right to confront him. The leader of the governing coalition spoke later in the day and condemned Hezbollah for laying siege to Beirut. Lebanon’s Army is having a tough time containing the violence because it too is divided along religious and party lines. It walks a fine line between keeping the peace and not wanting to drag itself into the conflict. This analyst says both the government and the opposition is to blame for the current conflict but is worried because neither will accept responsibility.

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