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In the Geo Quiz we hear from a traveler who visited his in-laws for the holidays. His nearly 7,000 mile journey started in Denver: He went to a place known in Chinese as Dongbei. Do you know what the region is called in English?

The Geo Quiz takes us to China: we’ll get you started with this description of a train ride out of Beijing.

�As the sleek bullet train zipped along in smooth silence at 200 kilometers per hour (124 mph) the glass and steel high rises of Beijing slowly faded away into fallow fields, the corn husks carefully stacked in conical piles. Concrete apartment blocks gave way to one store traditional Chinese homes with pitched tiled roofs, their windows always facing south t o catch the weak rays of the pale winter sun�.

We’ll hear more from this intrepid traveller who visited his in-laws for the holidays. That high-speed train ride was the last leg of his nearly 7,000 mile journey that started in Denver. He went to a place known in Chinese as Dongbei but we want the English name, please.

This region is bounded by Siberia and North Korea and it’s cold. Minus eleven degrees Fahrenheit today and overcast.

The answer is Manchuria. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Joe Sinisi who runs Access China Tours and spent the holidays there.

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