Katy Clark

Impact of oil spill on US energy policy


The Obama administration bans oil drilling in new areas off the U.S. coast while the cause of the oil spill off Louisiana is investigated.

African economist calls for less African aid

Strikes continue on Gaza

Syria protests against U.S.

Global effort to combat malaria

Health & Medicine

PRI’s ‘The World’: A Few Good Laughs

An audio slideshow about the military and booking entertainment for the troops.

Remembering Keiko Fukuda, the Mother of Judo

Arts, Culture & Media

Keiko Fukuda, the woman who earned the distinction of becoming the highest ranking woman in Judo, has died at the age of 99.

The World

Al-Qaeda ‘Memo’ Left Behind by Fleeing Mali Militants

Lifestyle & Belief

An important al-Qaeda document left behind by retreating militants in Mali has been found by the Associated Press. It reads like a memo from a CEO to top management.

Dresden Peace Prize Given to an Ex-Soviet Soldier Who Didn’t Do His Job

Arts, Culture & Media

Former Soviet Lt. Colonel Stanislav Petrov was awarded the Dresden International Peace Prize for not doing his job.

Anti-Apartheid Leader Mamphela Ramphele Announces New Party to Challenge South Africa’s ANC

Global Politics

One of the leading activists from South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement has launched a new party. Mamphela Ramphele says her party will challenge the ANC in the 2014 elections. Anchor Katy Clark gets details from The World’s Anders Kelto in Cape Town.