India demands Pakistani action

The World

The list of 20 suspects is believed to include the names of the leaders of two of Pakistan’s most notorious terrorist groups. Another name is the man India suspects of masterminding a series of attacks in Mumbai in 1993. The list was handed over as a sign of a formal protest from India to Pakistan. Obama said his administration will support India in its efforts to catch those who are responsible for the Mumbai attacks and bring them to justice. Pakistan has denounced the killings in Mumbai, denied any official involvement and said it will help India in investigations. But Pakistan has said evidence needs to be provided of the alleged Pakistani links to the terrorists. That’s where Washington comes in. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is heading to Pakistan and India tomorrow to aid with transparency in the investigation. This analyst says intelligence sharing between India and Pakistan has never been good. U.S. analysts apparently believe some of the Mumbai attackers can be linked to Pakistan. This analyst doubts Pakistan will do much with the list India provided it. Meanwhile the Indian government is under mounting public scrutiny about its response to the terrorist attacks.

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