Hearing from Hillary supporters overseas

The World

There’s a lot of talk about the strength of women at this gathering, and a lot of talk about the first woman who’s come so close to making it to the top in America. The President of the Global Summit of Women says she admirers Hillary for her resilience, tenacity, intelligence, policy expertise. For someone like her, the American people and the media haven’t been fair to Hillary. Another participant is a major from India and she says the US should get with it, and that the US is far behind the rest of the world in women’s rights. Some thought Hillary’s connection hurt her. This politician says if she didn’t have the controversy of the Clinton issue she would’ve made it. others believe if Obama hadn’t been there, she would’ve made it. Many here say one way or another, things have changed in the US. this NGO representative from the Philippines is surprised the US is only now dealing with these issues. Some women say they despair about seeing a woman in the White House in their time, but for some the fact that Clinton made it this far shows there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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