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Today we’re going for a ride with a Cadillac.

Not in a Cadillac, with a Cadillac, a fabulous Cadillac.

The band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is probably the most popular home-grown band in Argentina.

Its members have been on pause to work on solo projects.

Lyricist and guitarist Flavio Cianciarulo, who goes by Senor Flavio, has the latest solo project.

It’s a record called “Supersaund 2012.”

That’s Senor Flavio’s lounge-y number “Polaroid 66.”

It’s there where he removes himself the most from the sound of the Cadillacs.

That sound can be described as ska-rock.

On his own, Senor Flavio rejects all categories.

Flavio: “I’m not a ska musican, I’m not a punk rocker, I’m not a psychedelic-rockabilly, I’m not a reggae artist, I’m not a Latin artist. But all those colors are inside me, they’re on my CD, they’re in my music. If I’m anything, I’m a musician who likes to mix rock and different rhythms.”

For most Argentines, the Rolling Stones remain the idols by which all other idols are judged.

But for Senor Flavio, it’s the Clash.

Flavio: “The Clash for me are more than a band. They showed me that as an artist, I had to break with pre-conceived notions of rhythms. To try out other sounds in my music that I never would have thought to try.”

Senor Flavio says there’s a lot of influence of the Clash on his solo record.

But this is Flavio’s take.

Sonically, it’s familiar.

The vibe though is the Clash with a sunny demeanor.

After all, can you imagine Joe Strummer writing a song titled “Lucha Libre Lovers?”

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