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For today’s Global Hit we meet a Russian band from St. Petersburg. The group is named Auktyon. Here in the States it’s pronounced — auction.

Auktyon was a rock band in the 1980s. The group was part of the underground music scene in Russia.

But the band recruited some musicians from the New York underground scene for its new album.

Auktyon recorded the CD, “Girls Sing,” in Manhattan.”Girls Sing” is Auktyon’s first studio album in 12 years. It doesn’t sound the way the Auktyon of old sounded.

Then again, it’s not the first change the band has gone through. When Russia opened up in the early 90s, Auktyon did, too. It went from being an underground band to one that was free to explore punk, jazz, Russian folk, and new wave klezmer.

The new disc encompasses ALL of that…and more. Auktyon’s CD “Girls Sing” comes out today.

The band is touring the United States.

Auktyon 2008 tour dates
March 25, 2008

Boston, Middle East (Downstairs)

with Vladimir Volkov

March 28, 2008

Chicago, Martyrs’

with Vladimir Volkov

Featuring Raised on Zenith

March 29, 2008

Denver, The Oriental Theater

with Vladimir Volkov

March 30, 2008

San Francisco, Rickshaw Stop

with Vladimir Volkov

Featuring Varona

April 1, 2008

Los Angeles, Safari Sam’s

with Vladimir Volkov

Featuring Red Elvises

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