Global Hit – Deeya

The World

For our global hit today, we meet a singer who hails from Norway. She grew up in a Muslim immigrant community there.

Deeyah — as she’s known — made a name for herself at an early age. But success also made her the target of harassment and threats. And now she’s speaking out.

The World’s Andrea Smardon has her story.

Deeyah didn’t start her musical career intending to a make a statement. But when she put out this single with rapper Young MayLay, she knew it would cause a stir.

The song is called, “What Will it Be?” and the video shows a series of people ripping tape off of their mouths. It also shows a lot of Deeyah’s midriff. At the end of the video, Deeyah throws off a full black burqua, to reveal her bikini clad body.

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