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This fashion brand modernizes Ukraine’s traditional vyshyvanka shirt and dress to reflect wartime


​​​​​​​Despite the ongoing attacks, Ukrainians around the world are celebrating Vyshyvanka Day on Thursday. The vyshyvanka is an elaborately embroidered shirt or dress traditionally worn in Ukraine.

People watch a TV screen showing a news program reporting about North Korea's missile launch with file footage at a train station in Seoul, South Korea

North Korea launches suspected ballistic missile

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Over 30,000 people trade in used clothing at Kantamanto market, Accra, Ghana.

How the West’s obsession with fast fashion compounds an environmental nightmare in Ghana

Two women sit outside, using their cell phones. They are wearing face masks in addition to head coverings.

One year on, Muslim women reflect on wearing the niqab in a mask-wearing world

An H&M store in New York.

Why ‘fast fashion’ might need to slow down

A woman walks in front of the store Forever 21.

Forever 21 closing stores in bankruptcy filing shows limits to fast fashion, author says


After Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy, some younger consumers are questioning the future of fast fashion as they look for more sustainable alternatives.

Young woman on a green gown smiles while sitting on a sofa.

How a high school student’s hand-painted graduation dress went viral

A teenager in the Philippines created a hand-painted gown for high school ball. It’s gorgeous — and is now an internet sensation.

French police check identity cards of two women for wearing full-face veils

French ban on full-face Islamic veil violates human rights, says UN


France’s courts have upheld the full-face veil ban, saying it did not violate religious freedom. A panel of UN human rights experts disagrees. Does the ban further marginalize France’s minority Muslim population?

A baby’s spacesuit.

Design for the real world: diapers

The surprisingly complex design that goes into a simple baby diaper.


Parents raise concerns over Japanese school’s new Armani requirement


Taimei Elementary School is introducing the uniforms for incoming pupils, each costing more than $729 — more than three times as much as current uniforms.