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Finally, we end the week with music to ring in the Persian New Year. Around the globe Persian communities are celebrating Nowruz. The celebrations last for two weeks. And Nowruz dates back to the second century.

It harkens back to a time when kings from different nations in the Persian Empire would bring gifts to the emperor on this special day.

Behzad Bolour is a BBC journalist who presents a weekly music programme about Iranian and World music.

He’s been celebrating Nowruz today and says it’s a very special day because…

Nowruz is one of the rare celebrations in the Iranian or Persian calendar which is not religious and goes back to ancient times, and it’s about the building of civilization in the spring day by king Jamshee.

Behzad Bolour says music is central to the day-long celebration.

We have this special drum which is massive with a very loud flute which we play and was the traditional music for the celebration and this thing continued on into the twenty first century.

This song is called Spring Morning. It’s by Raana Farhan. And if you’re looking for more music to celebrate Nowruz, Behazad Bolour also recommends this song. This is Farshid Amin and this is called Nassran which is the name of a flower..

Luck, happiness, and prosperity to you as we celebrate the Persian New Year — Nowruz.

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