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When you picture a sand storm — a desert scene usually comes to mind.

Dust storm in IraqDust storm in Iraq

Maybe a caravan of camels, lost in a haze of swirling sand. But dust storms also take place out on the ocean.

One of the world’s dustiest corners is in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa. Scientists aboard a British research vessel called the Discovery recently sailed right into one of these ocean dust storms:

Dust storm over the AtlanticDust storm over the Atlantic

“It’s 7:30 on the Discovery. We’ve been in a dust storm for the last 12 hours, and you can see the haze in the background, this dust storm is still building up and you can see it on the satellite pictures.?

We will have the answer and interview here…

So if you did look at a satellite image of this Atlantic Ocean sand storm…the question is:

Where is all that sand coming from?

The Sahara Desert

Eric AchterbergEric AchterbergListen to the interview with Eric Achterberg, principal scientist for the Natural Environment Research Council (Nerc).

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