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We’re in pursuit of some of the world’s best cyclists for today’s Geo Quiz.

The “Giro d’Italia” is celebrating its 100th anniversary as one of Europe’s biggest cycling races.

Top-notch cyclists, including Lance Armstrong, have been chasing each other around Italy for three weeks now.

Giro d’Italia: d’Italia:

This was Day 19 of the Giro — a grueling 102-mile-long stage — ending with a steep climb to the top of a mountain near Naples.

And — you guessed it — we’re looking for the name of that mountain. It’s actually a volcano. Some 2,000 year ago – it erupted so violently it buried the nearby city of Pompeii.

Today it’s where Italian cycling fans have come to cheer on their favorites.

OK — take 5…to come up with the name of this volcano.

Sorry to rush you — we meant 5 seconds…

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