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We’re in the Middle East for today’s Geo Quiz.

OK — go back in time to 1965.

Fans in a certain Middle East country were looking forward to a visit by John, Paul, George and Ringo. The red-hot Beatles were set to perform in this nation on the shores of the Mediterranean.

But the government nixed the idea of a Beatles concert. Officials feared that the Fab Four would corrupt the country’s youth. Without entry visas, the Beatles were forced to cancel the gig.

The BeatlesThe Beatles

Now — fast forward 43 years.

The current government of this country has sent a letter of apology to the two surviving Beatles — and to the families of John Lennon and George Harrison as well.

Now it’s officially inviting Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to help celebrate the nation’s 60th anniversary in May.

So, what’s the name of the country that’s got a love-hate relationship with the Beatles?
For our Geo Quiz today — we wanted to know the name of the country that’s trying to arrange a Beatles’ reunion.

The answer is Israel.

The government of Israel has invited Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to help celebrate the country’s upcoming 60th anniversary. The invitation represents an about-face for Israel. Back in 1965, the government nixed plans for the Beatles to come and perform in Israel.

Officials at the time worried that the Beatle’s music might be a bad influence for young Israelis. Now, the current Israeli ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, says it’s time to make amends. Prosor says he’s sending an official letter of apology to the band’s surviving members. The letter invites Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to come and perform in Israel.

?The point here is very clear Israel’s 60th anniversary Paul and Ringo have a wonderful opportunity, them coming to Israel would present young listeners a wonderful opportunity and it would only be constructive for the region and for us personally.?

There’s no RSVP yet from Paul or Ringo. Rachel Michaeli is an Israeli journalist — and a Beatles fan.

She doesn’t believe the story about the Beatles being seen as a corrupting influence back in 1965.

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