Geo answer and global hit – “Walking to Guant-namo”

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We’re traveling across Cuba for today’s Geo Quiz. You could drive one of Cuba’s classic old cars.

I’m thinking a 1950’s Chevy model.

You could also take a train — or hitch ride on a horse and buggy. However you choose to travel — here’s the challenge:

Suppose you set out from Havana and head for Guantanamo, near Cuba’s south-eastern tip.

What’s the distance between those two points?

Is it a hundred miles? A thousand? Or somewhere in between?

Richard Fleming made such a trip across Cuba.

“It wasn’t a fabulous vacation. Of course I’m still glad I did it I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment but it certainly didn’t turn out to be what I expected.”

Fleming has a new book called “Walking to Guantanamo”.

We’ll talk with the author in a minute — right after you estimate the distance from Havana to Guantanamo.

In our Geo Quiz, we asked you to figure out the distance between Cuba’s capital Havana and the town of Guantanamo.

The answer is about 500 miles.

Author Richard Fleming is familiar with the route.

He traveled from the city of Pinar Del Rio — near Cuba’s western tip — all the way across to Guantanamo in the east.

It took him four months — by foot, and also by donkey cart, tractor, taxi, train, bus and bicycle.

And he’s written a book about the experience.

It’s called “Walking to Guantanamo.”

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