Che Guevara

An illustration of a controversial new postage stamp in Ireland, with Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick, who created the famous two-tone image of Che Guevara used on the stamp

Ireland celebrates Che Guevara’s Irish roots with a stamp, despite opposition


A new postage stamp in the Republic of Ireland is causing a stink because it honors Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara, who was of partial Irish descent. But people in Ireland — and Miami — are denouncing Che — and the stamp — because of his history of violence.


Miami’s Soviet time machine gives Cuban expats a nostalgia fix


Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan strongman, dies of cancer in Caracas

Global Politics

Ecuador’s media under fire as powerful president appears set for third term

Global Politics

Uncertainty regarding Chavez leaves Venezuelan expatriates with questions

Global Politics

Famed Spanish photographer of revolutionary Castro dies, age 83

Global Politics

Enrique Meneses gained international fame for his photos of Fidel Castro as he led his guerrillas in a revolution against Cuba’s leaders. But over the years, he photographed from countless other conflict zones. He died on Sunday in Madrid, succumbing to health problems.

Benicio del Toro on his new film, “Che”

Arts, Culture & Media

The two-part film follows the rise and fall of the Cuban revolutionist who became the cult of Che.

Diversion of Bolivia’s Presidential Jet Sparks Outrage in Latin America

Conflict & Justice

Bolivia accuses European states of “aggression” after its presidential plane was apparently forced to land and searched for Edward Snowden.

China Past Due

It’s been awhile now since China’s Communist Party was in the business of running communal kitchens and collective farms, telling people who to marry, what to study and where to work, working to monitor their thoughts and speech even as it tried to micromanage a command economy. But exactly what does or should fall within […]

Why Crime is on the Rise in Venezuela

Conflict & Justice

One of the big issues in Venezuela’s presidential election campaign is rising crime. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Jeremy McDermott of InSightCrime, a group that studies organized crime in the Americas.