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We’re searching for rats for today’s Geo Quiz. The pesky rodents are devastating rice crops in a state in northeast India.

The rats are particularly numerous in the region because it’s home to a rare flowering bamboo plant which they love to eat.

But the rats enjoy eating lots of other plants — and crops — too. These include everything from watermelons and bananas — to chili peppers and pumpkins. The local government has placed a bounty on the rats’ heads — or rather their tails.

Villagers can get two rupees for each rat tail they produce. But the plague continues — and now Indian officials fear the rodents could destroy the region’s entire rice crop this year.

Gathering rat tails together – each one is now worth two rupeesGathering rat tails together – each one is now worth two rupees

So, what’s the name of this Indian state plagued by rats?

Here’s one last clue. The state borders Myanmar and Bangladesh.

We’ll pin the tail on this here…

The answer to our geo quiz is the state of Mizoram in northeast India, where an infestation of rats has been devastating rice crops for the third year in a row.

The Indian state of MizoramThe Indian state of Mizoram

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