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We’re looking for an African tree in today’s Geo Quiz.

The tree in question shares its name with a famous orchestra.

The orchestra comes from Senegal.

But the tree is found in other African countries too.

It’s a tree that a bears valuable fruit.

The pulp, contained in a hard nut, holds six times more vitamin C than oranges and twice as much calcium as milk.

So, which tree produces such bounty?

Now, the answer to our Geo Quiz. We were looking for the name of an African tree known for its highly-nutritious fruit.

The answer is the baobab tree.

Across Africa, the fruit of the baobab tree can be as large as a melon or as small as a light bulb. The ones you find in Malawi are somewhere in the middle.

?It’s a greenish velvety fruit which is about the size of a child’s head, a baby’s head.?

That’s Chris Dohse, who works with baobab farmers in Malawi. If you didn’t quite catch what he said — that’s thanks to a particularly bad phone line from Malawi.

He said the greenish velvety fruit of the baobab is about the size of a baby’s head. Dohse also says the flavor of the fruit’s pulpy, fibrous interior is hard to describe.

?It’s difficult to compare it with other fruits, because it has a very sourish taste. But it is not at all comparable to something like a banana or an orange or any other fruit I have eaten so far. It’s a pretty unique taste.?

I’ll jump right in this time.

He says it’s difficult to compare the baobab fruit with other fruits. It doesn’t taste like a banana or an orange or any other fruit he’s eaten so far.

But he does say it tastes “sourish.”

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