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A little word association to get our Geo Quiz started today. If I say gondolas…you probably say… Venice.

We want to know the name of the most famous square in Venice. This “piazza” is surrounded by the Italian city’s main Basilica, its Grand Canal and shops full of goodies for the one million tourists who visit the square each month.


?We got wine olive oil balsamic vinegar sauces pasta all the best Italian food?.

They also have flocks of pigeons fluttering all over the square. But Venetians are tired of the messy pigeons. So — starting this week — anybody caught feeding the pigeons faces a $75 fine. Some local merchants who sell the pigeon feed oppose the ban.

So, name the Venetian square at the center of this feathery controversy. We’ll have the answer — and a view from Venice…

We wanted to know the name of the main square in Venice — where pigeons rule, and the tourists feed them.


That may be about to change, though. Emanuele Dal Carlo is going to give us the answer.

He’s a local shop owner and a member of “40 for Venice” — a volunteer group that’s working to revive the Italian city’s international prestige.


Piazza San Marco also known as St Mark’s Square is the answer to our Geo Quiz.

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