Amsterdam's red-light district remains sparse as many international tourists have stayed away during the pandemic.

Is overtourism over? Travelers to Europe stay home due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Prior to the pandemic, Venice, Prague and Amsterdam had become so saturated with visitors that locals no longer recognized their hometowns. But with COVID-19 restrictions, residents are breathing a sigh of relief while many businesses face unprecedented losses.

Venice’s Grand Canal was for centuries a thoroughfare for the global shipping trade on the ancient Silk Road.

Italy is caught in the middle of the EU’s tussle with its ‘systemic rival,’ China

On China's New Silk Road
A view of the Grand Canal following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Venice, Italy, May 24, 2020.

The canals are clear thanks to the coronavirus, but Venice’s existential threat Is climate change

The San Marco basin in Venice appears placid as a result of the slowdown in activity with the country's lockdown in response to the coronavirus.

The changing face of Venice 

Rev. Giuseppe Corbari in a small town in Lombardy printed out pictures of his congrgants and placed them on the pews so he'd feel less alone. 

Amid lockdown, churches find creative ways to keep in touch with the masses

A man with a mask walks in a flooded street during a period of seasonal high water

Venice floods: Historical myths may attract the aid the city needs

Climate Change

Venice is a place with a long tradition of convincing outsiders of its uniqueness. This tradition may continue to shape the way the world sees the city today — and could be what ends up helping the city survive.

Kurt Goes to Venice

Arts, Culture & Media

Kurt Andersen takes us along on a recent family vacation to the international art pavilions at the Venice Biennale.

Director Ziad Doueiri poses during a photocall for the movie "The Insult," at the 74th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy on August 31, 2017. The film won Best Actor for Kamal el-Basha’s role. When he returned to Lebanon, Doueiri was detained by author

This Lebanese filmmaker is getting global acclaim, but back home he got arrested


Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri was very happy when his new movie “The Insult” won a prize in Venice. But when he returned to Lebanon, he was promptly detained by authorities.


Venice prepares for autonomy vote on Sunday

Global Politics

In 2016, the Veneto region that includes Venice sent $18.35 billion more to Rome than it got back in public services – and taxpayers are not happy about it.

Barcelona soccer fans make their feelings known about Catalan independence, at a game on Wednesday Oct 18th 2017

The roots of Catalonia’s differences with the rest of Spain


With Catalonia threatening to declare independence from Spain, we look into the origins of the dispute between Barcelona and Madrid.