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Now — our Geo Quiz today is a domestic one. We’re looking for a city in Michigan.

Its nicknames include — “Lumbertown” — “Lumber Queen of the World” and “The Beer Tent Capital of the World”


The actual name of this city means “marshy river or swamp” in the Ottawa Native American language.


It’s nestled along the banks of Lake Michigan and has a population of about 40,000.

Two of the residents of this city are about to start a project to reduce their carbon footprint.

They’re being helped by a visitor from the BBC — which co-produces our program. We’ll catch up with them — and name the city — here…

And our Geo Quiz today tracks the whereabouts of someone who has the cheek to call himself “the Ethical Man.” His name is Justin Rowlatt. He’s a BBC reporter and he is in our mystery location.

Justin RowlattJustin Rowlatt

Justin is known as the Ethical Man.

He and his family spent a year trying to reduce their carbon footprint in Britain, their home.

Now Justin has brought his carbon-reducing enthusiasm to the United States and he’s starting his journey in our mystery location. Justin, where are you?

And Muskegon, Michigan is the answer to today’s Geo Quiz.

Read about and communicate with Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s Ethical Man, a he travels across the United States

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