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Today’s inauguration in Washington was followed by millions of people all over the globe. And that’s our segue to our Geo Quiz today.

Even scientists working in Antarctica were following the inaugural festivities. We know because we spoke to one of them. You’ll hear from him in a few minutes.

But first — we want to know exactly where in Antarctica he is.

It’s a research station that belongs to the British Antarctic Survey. And it’s on an island located more than a thousand miles south of the Falklands.


The station is the main logistical base for British scientists on the frozen continent.

About 100 people stay there in the summer season — which is right now in the southern hemisphere. In fact, today’s high temperature there wasn’t even below freezing!

So where in Antarctica are we?

The answer’s coming up — when we check in with a US scientist at the station…

The answer to our Geo Quiz is Rothera Research Station. Listen to our interview:

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