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For today’s Geo Quiz — we head north from Beijing. We want your help finding a province that’s up in the northeast corner of China.

It’s just across the Yalu River from North Korea. This province also borders the Yellow Sea or “Korea Bay” as Koreans prefer to call it.

Its main cities are Dalian Yingkou, and the capital Shenyang. It’s at the center of what is sometimes called China’s Rust Belt — its older industrial base.

Dalian YingkouDalian Yingkou

The economic downturn is forcing many Chinese workers to look elsewhere for jobs. This year, more people applied to take the civil service entrance exam than ever before… you have to take the test to get a job in government.

But Chinese authorities say they’ve uncovered some elaborate schemes to cheat the test.

An “honest” look at the story…

Time to answer our Geo Quiz. And by the way — we always encourage you to use maps, globes or GPS devices- whatever you like — to solve the Geo Quiz.

We don’t consider that cheating.

On the other hand — cheating made the headlines in the Chinese province we asked you to name.

The answer is Liaoning province China.

A thousand entrants taking China’s civil service entrance exam recently were caught red handed. The BBC’s Chris Hogg is following the story and he has the answer:

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