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We’re going shopping for today’s Geo Quiz … shopping for land, that is.

Now you probably know about Jefferson’s “Louisiana Purchase” from France. You may also know all about “Seward’s Folly” in buying Alaska from Russia.

Louisiana PurchaseLouisiana Purchase

But there’s another strip of the United States acquired by means of the pocketbook.

And that deal was initially signed on this day in 1853, in Mexico City.

Uncle Sam acquired a strip of land that lies west of the Rio Grande and south of the Gila River in Arizona.

At $10 million dollars it didn’t come cheap.

Acre for acre, this piece of real estate cost a heck of a lot more than either Alaska or French Louisiana.

But it was considered vital to get a railroad through to the Pacific.

So our question is, what was this acquisition called?

Back now to the wild west, and the answer to today’s Geo Quiz.

We were looking for the name of the acquisition that brought a slice of southern Arizona — along with the south-western corner of New Mexico — into the United States.

It’s known as the Gadsden Purchase, after James Gadsden.

Gadsen PurchaseGadsen Purchase

He was the US diplomat who negotiated and signed the deal in Mexico City on this day in 1853.

Oh, and by the way, Mexico turned down a $50 million-dollar offer from Gadsden to buy more of Mexico — MUCH more, including Baja California.

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