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Africa is the starting point for today’s Geo Quiz.

The Middle Passage was the forced trafficking of people from Africa to the New World. During the 17th and 18th centuries, trans-Atlantic slave traders brought millions of kidnapped Africans to America. Many slaves tried to stay connected in some way to their West African heritage.

Scientists have now discovered some new evidence of that. A team of anthropologists and archaeologists recently uncovered a bundle of artifacts used by slaves for religious rites.

Axe head still in the ground.Axe head still in the ground.

“There are almost 300 pieces of lead shot at the bottom of the bundle, above then two dozen nails, also above them are almost two dozen common pins several of which are bent at a right angle, sticking out the top is a stone axe.” (Anthropologist Mark Leone)

So we’re looking for the American city where this curious bundle turned up. In the 18th century, this city was bustling with oyster-packing, sail-making and slave trade.

Try to name this city that’s the closest state capital to Washington, DC.

Back to our Geo Quiz now about a scientific discovery that may shed new light on the life of African slaves in America.

Mark Leone is a University of Maryland anthropologist whose team uncovered some 300 year old artifacts right in the heart of the city we asked you to name, Annapolis, Maryland

X-ray of the bundle showing large, stone axehead protruding at top, metal objects at bottom.X-ray of the bundle showing large, stone axehead protruding at top, metal objects at bottom.

Listen to our interview.

The bundle will soon go on display at The Banneker-Douglass Museum, the state of Maryland’s Center for African-American History and Culture.

University of Maryland anthropologist Mark Leone describes this x-ray photograph.

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