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We’re going kosher… for today’s Geo Quiz. The country we want you to name doesn’t have many kosher restaurants. But business is very good at Dini’s Kosher Restaurant in the country’s capital city.

Dini’s Kosher RestaurantDini’s Kosher Restaurant

So good, in fact, that the owner is hoping to launch a second kosher restaurant soon. There will be BIG demand for kosher food in this country in August. That’s when half-a-million foreigners are expected to travel there to witness the Olympic Games.

There are also plans to offer kosher food to athletes staying at the Olympic Village. The bigger story, though, is exports. Food factories in this country sell their products all over the world.

And they don’t want to miss out on the global kosher food market.

Today’s Geo Quiz focused on a country with a growing kosher food industry.

The answer is China.

Chinese factory owners are hoping to tap into the US kosher food market, as the BBC’s Frances Harrison explains.

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