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Get on board the election train for today’s Geo Quiz:

India’s trainIndia’s trainWith more than a billion people, India is the world’s largest democracy. India’s month-long national elections are under way. A special “India election train” rumbled out of New Delhi a few days ago …carrying BBC reporters, bloggers and producers.

They’re travelling cross-country to cover the story. The city of Ahmedabad was their first stop after New Delhi. Today the train is stopped in – well, that’s what we’re asking you.

It’s India’s financial and film center and was recently the site of terror attacks. Voters in this city go to the polls tomorrow. And at least one local observer thinks this vote will be different:

IndiaIndia�The city generally used to vote rather lazily, but I’m quite convinced that this time there’s a kind of excitement there’s a kind of a sense of responsibility that people will go and vote.�

So can you name what’s been called India’s big brash and bold city?

We’re tracking the BBC’s India Election train for our Geo Quiz. It’s stopped in Mumbai ahead of voting in the city tomorrow.

So Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra is the answer. It’s India’s financial and film capital.

And last November it was the site of terror attacks that killed more than 160 people. Poet Javed Aktar says Mumbai reflects the diversity of the entire country:

�Mumbai has its own culture but there are so many subcultures, different parts of Mumbai they have different culture you enter that area you feel that you have come to some other city, and so on but there is something which keeps us together so in a way Mumbai represents our country.�

There are roughly 100 million first time voters in India — more than we can survey. But here are just a few of them in Mumbai … talking about what’s on their minds as they head to the polls:

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