French open 9/11 exhibit

The World

On a spiral staircase in this exhibit that recreates the WTC ruins, police radio chatter blares from speakers. This is a highly stylized depiction of the events of 9/11 and it’s meant to touch people emotionally. This visitor is moved, she’s a professor from Toulouse. The rest of the exhibit is just as intimate and testimony can be heard from witnesses, as well as the ability to see personal items that were recovered in the wreckage. During the inauguration this American official says the site was chosen because of Normandy’s importance in World War II and the bond it symbolizes between America and France. Most Americans will remember the outpouring of emotion from France after 9/11, but that waned over time especially with the war in Iraq. This American hopes the exhibit will help bring some of those good relations back. This exhibit makes it clear that Al Qaeda is to blame for 9/11, but conspiracy theories are still spreading in Europe. One such organization wants an independent investigation into the events of 9/11. this one 9/11 survivor says he doesn’t want to hear about the conspiracy theorists. The 9/11 exhibit will likely stay here in Caen for several months and then might travel to other European cities.

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