Facebook fanatics in Italy

The World

Italian post office employees can no longer access Facebook from work, same with government employees in Milan. Other provinces are debating a similar ban. This is all from a backlash against waste in working hours spent on Facebook. This worker doesn’t show any guilt when asked if she goes on Facebook during work. She says everyone looks at Facebook during down time. The number of site visitors from Italy has skyrocketed since the Italian language version launched this spring. Italy ranks fifth in the world for the number of Facebook visits, trailing far more computerized nations like the U.S. and the U.K. until recently getting online was too expensive for many Italians the offices that employ them, but competition in internet providers has lowered the price. This analyst says Italy has a passion for technology so this trend isn’t strange. This analyst adds that Italy is known for its gift of gab. This translator says Facebook eats up time and she understands why employers are blocking the site. This woman says she was addicted to Facebook. But the site has served its social purpose.

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