Three people cross a ravine as they walk through a forest with water bottles and backpacks.

‘I’ll go for the American dream’: After struggling to get legal status in Colombia, many Venezuelan migrants are heading to the US


For years, Colombia has been the main destination for Venezuelans escaping their nation’s humanitarian crisis. But that’s changing as Colombia’s government makes it harder for them to get residency permits.

A group of workers pose in a farm, wearing their work clothes. Top row standing, bottom row sitting. Black and white photo.

How Japanese and Mexican American farm workers formed an alliance that made history

A man with a bullhorn stands in front of a line of protesters

The workers who pick your summer berries are asking you not to buy them

Scene from Minnesota State Fair

What the rise of the gig economy means for the American Dream

Barges are moored together near the Eiffel Tower

Flooding exacerbates problems with strikes in France

FIFA's newly elected president Gianni Infantino poses with the Qatar Workers Cup trophy in Doha, Qatar, April 22, 2016.

Would FIFA really pull soccer’s World Cup from Qatar if human rights abuses there continue?


Soccer’s governing body FIFA asked Harvard professor John Ruggie for guidelines on how to handle human rights issues. The big question now is whether FIFA follows his recommendations.

Malecon at sunrise

Slowly, Cuban entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities to work for themselves


Whether in restaurants or in accounting, the Cuban economy is slowly creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

A North Korean at work in the factory of a South Korean company in Kaesong industrial zone inside North Korea, Dec. 19, 2013.

Made in North Korea: $300 ski jackets, and a whole lot more


It’s recently emerged that clothes made in North Korea’s state-owned factories are being sold by major brands with labels indicating they’re from China. Oops. Do you have something in your closet made in North Korea?

mad taxi drivers

Every time you hail an Uber, you’re killing America’s middle class


The “freelance economy” might not be so great after all. Author Steven Hill argues that companies like TaskRabbit and Uber are undermining the American middle class.

Belén García

One side effect of Colombia’s civil war: cheap household help. But domestic workers want a better life.


Five decades of conflict has driven millions from Colombia’s countryside to the cities. For poor, uneducated women from rural areas, domestic work has been one of the few options to make a living. These women say they deserve the rights other workers enjoy.