Darfur activists claim cyber-attack

The World

In recent months the Save Darfur organization has stepped up its campaign to pressure China. it didn’t expect to be hacked by someone in China. The President of Save Darfur says that workers in the organization noticed emails were being marked as having been read without ever being opened. He says they discovered unauthorized computers were accessing their network and they tracked the IP addresses back to China. he says emails were read and fake emails were being sent out as well. To be clear, he’s not accusing the Chinese government of direct involvement in the attacks, but he thinks someone in China is trying to disrupt their activities. This Sudan activist who works for the Dream For Darfur Campaign says the campaign’s email and website has been compromised and there are indications that those efforts originate from China. but tracing back such activities accurately is near impossible and this expert says there’s not enough evidence to finger the culprit. So the online attacks against Darfur advocacy groups could be coming from the Chinese government, or just from Chinese hackers who have a beef over how these groups are affecting their country, or it could be someone else trying to make it look like China is doing this hacking. This analyst says the Darfur organizations could be making something out of nothing as well. But the Save Darfur Coalition doesn’t think the attacks are random and last week they met with the FBI.

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