Checking out new Olympic technologies

The World

(Let’s start on the land first. Tell us about the new device to help marathon runners.) They’re rice husks. They’re some new running shoes designed for marathon runners designed by an Aasics designer who used to be a marathon runner himself. He’s incorporated ground rice husks into the rubber soles of the shoes, which absorb water into the soles and help the soles grip the ground more. There are a couple of American runners who are going to try them out. (How about swimmers?) There’s been controversy about some of the swimwear. Some people are wearing full body suits again, almost like scuba suits but even tighter and they have special panels which help with buoyancy. It’s been controversial because everyone who’s worn the swimsuit has been breaking records, so other swimsuit makers are saying they’re too buoyant. (Another issue on the mind of other athletes is the heat and humidity.) Well you can go train in a hot and humid climate, but others have started training in environmental chambers, which are completely enclosed and completely control the heat, humidity and even oxygen. (It’s kind of an enhanced sauna.) Pollution is also a huge issue, but many athletes are tight lipped about the technology they use.

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