The challenges of blending a family in a second marriage

The World

Takeaway co-host Celeste Headlee will be getting married this summer and, in the process, she’ll be taking on the role of stepmother, as her husband-to-be brings a new son into the household. At the same time, her son will get a new stepfather. She’s not alone: 65 percent of remarriages involve children from a previous marriage, so we look at the challenges of blended families.

Lamar Tyler, co-creator of the award-winning blog, has been a dad and stepdad in a blended family for five years. He shares his stories and advice for keeping the lines of communication open and the marriage strong.

And Joy Berry weighs in with tips for helping kids to adjust to their new family configuration. Berry is a child development expert and bestselling author of more than 250 books that teach children about life and responsibility.

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