CEO’s for climate change

The World

The arguments against curbing greenhouse gasses in the US is that it would hurt the economy. But today’s call for action contradicts this according to this analyst, and this is a green light for the world’s leaders to craft an agreement on greenhouse gases. This expert says corporate CEOs penned their names to today’s agreement to curb greenhouse gases and protect their bottom lines. This official of one of the corporations who signed the agreement says multi-national companies know carbon regulation is inevitable so the sooner it comes the better. Today’s proposal calls on the G8 to bear the brunt of greenhouse gas emission curbing, but the plan also says developing nations have a job to do, and this analyst says that’s a significant aspect to this agreement. it’s also significant that companies in the developing world are now engaged, says this analyst. This new action plan provides advice, but the plan is largely symbolic says this analyst. But he says symbolic actions are still important.

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